Now that I have posted my first recipe, we need to get on the same page. You will notice that I provide the list of ingredients in both weight and volume. While I will try in all my recipes to include ingredients in volume, it is not how I bake. Weighing ingredients vs. measuring them is so important in baking.

Let me be clear: If you do not own a food scale, BUY ONE RIGHT NOW!!!*

Why is Weighing Ingredients vs. Measuring so Important?

Baking is a science. Many ingredients serve a purpose, from creating a rise to balancing flavors. The more precise you are with the ingredients, the better and more consistent your results will be. Portioning ingredients by weight rather than volume is much more precise.

We all grew up using measuring cups, so I get it. It’s what we are used to. Um, that don’t make it right, People! When measuring in volume, you are not getting the same precise amounts. For example, when measure a cup of flour, one should lightly spoon the flour into the measuring cup and use the back of a knife to level it. Yet, most at-home bakers do not do that and instead lift out a cup of flour with the measuring cup. Those bakers have more flour in their measuring cups than is necessary, creating a heavier and drier baked good.

Where Can I Get a Scale to Weigh my Ingredients?

You can get a great food scale for under $20. I have and love this one. (Look at the fun colors it comes in too!) But there are endless other options available on Amazon. (See, you don’t even need to leave your home to get yourself a scale!)*

Trust me. Once you start weighing your ingredients, you will find that gathering your ingredients goes much quicker, and you have less to clean since you will not have dirty measuring cups. So, stop questioning me and just buy a darn scale. You will be glad you did. Stop with the excuses!

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